My Deal

myDeal is a platform for tenants, buyers, homeowners, and estate agents for exchanging information.

Platform Users

We have accumulated all the properties across Hong Kong Island, we contain large housing estates or walk up buildings for selection. Our operating system is simple, just click the button on the properties you favor, we will response to you immediately, and we have made a good deal for the client within 30 mins in our record. In “Rich dad Poor dad” mentions that you have to be nice to the agents, however, sometimes we are just infatuated. It is not easy to find a good, detailed mind and honest agent. myDeal will offer an exclusive dedicated agent for you, he/she will not only provide updated information to you but also being absolute honest to negotiate in order to make the best offer. To fight for the best interests of the client and to solve the problems of both sides are myDeal core value. YOUR DEAL IS MY DEAL, no bias. myDeal integrates varieties of properties sources for our users and partners. It is exhausting to browse different websites for choosing a suitable flat. We aim to provide a rapid and concrete information to all the users. myDeal will provide close-up following service for all our users. In the meantime, we have a complaint system for deterring undesirable agents or properties in order to maintain a healthy and sustainable platform to our users.

Real Estate Agencies

myDeal is a platform assembles the resources of real estate agencies, and it is also a free co-operation platform for agencies. Lacking of listings are always a problem for small real estate agencies. The sole power of individual agency could not make a vigorous hit, and it is also facing a threat of elimination because of lacking of power. Therefore, regardless of high season or low season, agencies have to be united to achieve win-win situation. In the meantime, we will organize member activities in order to enhance the communication, exchanging information and increase opportunities for co-operation to earn more.